Midlife on Fire

Eva Moon, Life So Far

March 21, 2023 CK Season 1 Episode 5
Midlife on Fire
Eva Moon, Life So Far
Show Notes

I want to find women for guests on my podcast who have stories to tell about how they are defying our societies demands on women in midlife. Demands to disappear, to go quietly, to accept their place that is no place. Women who defy the antiquated notion that as women age they become less useful, less valuable, and the only power we ever had was our youth.  Women coming out into the light and do it in their own way, carving out space for themselves that not redefine them, but rather find the manifestation of the real essence of the human buried beneath the expectations of society.  My guest this week, Eva Moon, is such a person.

Eva Moon is an author, humorist, songwriter, internationally produced playwright, award winning, optioned screenwriter, and performer. She is a former blogger for the Huffington Post and long-time Redmond arts activist.

Website: https://evamoon.net

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/evamoonwriter

My book: https://www.amazon.com/Pinocchios-Guide-End-World-Moon/dp/B0BWL8B279/r

Pinocchio’s Guide to the End of the World

Editor's Pick, BookLife Reviews: "Moon’s richly inventive debut novel proves as enchanting—and as darkly surprising—as the original fairytale from which it takes inspiration."
IndieReader: "Eva Moon manages to balance humor, adventure, and drama in Pinocchio's Guide to the End of the World and the warm humanity of her characters helps illuminate one of the darkest chapters of the 20th century."

Becoming real was only the start. Pinocchio got his wish, but finds there’s more to being human than having the right kind of body. Inside, he still feels like that same wooden puppet.

In the wake of WWI, his struggle to fit into a human world leads to a deadly fight with a fascist officer and flight from the only home he’s ever known.

From tramp steamers to stifling sweatshops, from love to bitter heartbreak, he can’t outrun his puppet past. Returning home years later, he discovers his beloved papa, Geppetto, was spirited away in the middle of the night into a Germany newly in Hitler’s grip.

On his perilous journey, he finds a motley crew of allies, love, and an unexpected enemy who knows a secret about Pinocchio’s own magical origins that could help her enslave humanity.

Pinocchio’s Guide to the End of the World is a tale of friendship, love, and, ultimately, what it means to be real.

Midlife on Fire theme song by Alexa Borden.

Midlife on Fire theme song by Alexa Borden.